Top 5 Movies of 2006

So 2006 ended a while ago, but I never got around to doing this:

1. United 93 – far from being the exploitative, propagandistic garbage I was expecting, this is brutally emotional, informative, thought provoking stuff. Easily the best of the year.

2. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – while not as revealing about American character as the hype suggested, it’s still very, very funny, which is enough.

3. The Queen – It’s easy for a movie to titillate, harder to be emotionally involving, harder still to be worthy of argument once the lights come back up. Like Quiz Show, The Queen asks its audience to stop judging celebrities long enough to question what we’d do in their place, and indeed if conventional wisdom is as moral as it might seem.

4. Thank You For Smoking – the second funniest movie of the year. The cigarette industry seems too easy of a target, but Jason Reitman gets around this by making the movie more about the kind of person who would choose to be a lobbyist. It works.

5. The Departed – A big fun chaotic mess.

Other good ones: The Last King of Scotland, Pursuit of Happyness, Blood Diamond, Babel, Brick, Idiocracy

Things that weren’t as good as I wanted them to be: Little Miss Sunshine, Casino Royale, Pan’s Labyrinth, A Scanner Darkly


6 Responses to “Top 5 Movies of 2006”

  1. The Shoestring Guerrilla Says:

    You forgot A Scanner Darkly.

    which is pretty much the best movie that came out last year, in my opinion.

  2. imtheotherdave Says:

    Sorry friend, I disagree with your list. Here is why, with respect.

    United 93- it IS the exploitative, propagandistic garbage I was expecting. It assumed a lor of unsubstantiated facts, it is too early to be romanticising the tragedy.

    Borat- a fun comedy but a far cry from the original Borat sketches on the Ali G shows.

    The Queen- exploitative, propagandistic garbage. Obvious Oscar fodder.

    I will goive you 4 and 5 though. Thank You For Smoking was brilliantly dry and cynical.

  3. John Says:

    i recently saw casino royale. i couldn’t believe how disappointed i was with it. i completely agree with your assessment of that movie.

  4. Kimbo Says:

    Sometimes I visit this site and hope to find something along the lines of

    “I really miss my friend Kim, because she was, and always will be, one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and I should really buy her a puppy.”

    But instead I find long-winded reviews on movies I don’t have time to watch.

    Except for the Departed, which was quite awesome, and went something like


    And I couldn’t have written it any better.

  5. Roger Taylor Says:

    SG- I did forget Scanner Darkly. I’ve added that to my list of things I didn’t like as much as I wanted to.

    dave- I don’t see how United 93 romanticized the tragedy. It’s a romantic story; that can’t be hid. But I admire Paul Greengrass for avoiding the stirring Hollywood speech, the sentimental character portrait, the justification of the acts. Things were presented as plainly as possible. As for the unsubstantiation, that didn’t bother me because substantiation in this case is impossible. We know as much as we’ll know.

    kim, if you find that post long-winded, you should really avoid some of the others i’ve made.

    oh, and i forgot idiocracy. which is funny enough to be top 5 material even though it’s kind of a mess.

  6. Kimbo Says:

    SG – A Scanner Darkly sounds like a poorly written sentence I really want to fix.

    Dave – I don’t think I’ve seen any of those movies. And now I don’t want to.

    John – Okay.

    Kimbo – What can I say? You’re awesome.

    Roger – The “other posts” were what I was referring to. Which also sounds like a poorly written sentence that I relaly want to fix.

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