This town is terrible.

So there was this really choice kids desk sitting pretty across the street from my apartment last night. It was smallish (a good size for my desk-deficient room), purple, and covered in yellow writing (presumably from its former child owner) Like something Prince or the Maxx would own. Only the thing was heavy as balls so I couldn’t very well carry it in myself. And my roommates weren’t home. And because it’s LA, my friends in this town all live so far away as to not be able to help with this sort of thing at short notice. (5 miles = 20 minutesish)

Miraculously, it was still there in the morning. And in the afternoon, at 2:30. Finally, one of my roommates awoke at 3 PM and I could haul the desk in. Except by then it was gone.

This town is terrible.


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