Midwesterners are getting ripped off

Pricing for fast food chains is pretty constant across the country.  5 chicken nuggets at Wendy’s cost $1, whether you’re in Maine or Nebraska or California.  But the rent, or property taxes, on a fast food restaurant in Beverly Hills must be several times higher than the rent on the same size restaurant at an interstate exit in Abilene, Kansas.  And employees are certainly more expensive.  Both will soon be hiked, but the national minimum wage is still $5.15, while CA’s is $7.50.  And since most of the raising and slaughtering and prepackaging of food in this country is done somewhere in the middle, I expect food prices are at least slightly lower in KS, where the beef and things don’t have to be shipped quite so far.So why can I buy a Jr. cheeseburger at Wendy’s in Los Angeles for only a $1?  Surely they aren’t losing money on it… Are Midwesterners being gouged?

And why on Earth does a single cheeseburger at McDonald’s cost 20% more than a double cheeseburger?


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