slept for 13 hours last night…

…and had some wacky dreams that involved a secret and mysterious hideaway on a remote mountaintop that got progressively more crowded with family members as the dream went on.  It was a bit like Lost somehow.

More frustrating is that in the dream I was working on a really brilliant play, but when I woke I couldn’t remember what it was about.


One Response to “slept for 13 hours last night…”

  1. YLlama Says:

    Last night, I dreamed I watched an interview with Jason Bateman where he apologized for his crappy output during the 90s. He mentioned four films about which he is particularly ashamed. During the dream, I knew exactly what those films are, and agreed with his shame. Upon waking, I forgot the titles. Looking at his filmography, I don’t recognize anything in between “The Hogan Family” and The Sweetest Thing. Now that’s frustrating.

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