I have a fat neck

Target’s dress shirt brand Merona says so. Their medium size is defined as a 38-40 chest, a 15-15.5 neck and 33-34 arms, which is fine because that’s my neck size, except the sleeves are about 2 inches too long and the chest about 2 inches too big around. So I have a fat neck.

Their small size … to say it crushes my windpipe doesn’t really go far enough because I couldn’t even get the button fastened.  And its chest is listed at 34-36, which isn’t so good for me seeing as my nipple line is 37 inches around, but at least that’s a problem I’m used to.

Thankfully, they had a few things from Red Level Nine — which reminds me of Red Zone Cuba, a terrible movie and fantastic episode of Mystersy Science Theater 3000 — and they seem to specialize in us fat neckers.


One Response to “I have a fat neck”

  1. YLlama Says:

    I also have a fat neck. As well as long arms. And a tiny ass. According to the last tailor to have felt me up.

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