Work space

After months of finding it impossible to write at home (and thus downing an awful lot of cheap but plentiful coffee at Norm’s while pounding out pages), I’ve decided to take the advice of architects and start spatially compartmentalizing my life. No more eating in my room, no more surfing the net in bed. But most importantly, I need a place to write, and a desk may not be enough. I’m fashioning a workspace out of a storage closet adjacent to my bathroom (which, judging by the remnants of kitty litter, was once used for something other than work). It’s smaller than ideal, but with love it might become a great space for writing. I’ll set up speakers so I can listen to my film scores and ambient tunes. I’ll decorate the walls. I’ll bring in incense. It’s important to manipulate senses to get the creative milks flowing.

Later tonight I’ll be scouring the neighborhood for disused milk crates, upon which shall be set a table top, or, barring that, a smartly sized plank of wood, for a makeshift desk.

If you’d like to help, I still require the following objects:

Beads, to hang from the doorway once I remove the door.
1 lava lamp
small toys
1 ukulele
(all to jog the imagination)
paint or paintings or photographs or posters. Something to cover the walls. Something inspirational. Not like “Hang in there baby” but something that’s inspiring in its intrigue.
1 smartly sized plank of wood


One Response to “Work space”

  1. YLlama Says:

    The presence of kitty litter is a sign of work. Just a different sort of work than you’re thinking of. But not as different as might first appear.

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