Miss Guided

I just finished 8 days of background work on a pilot called Miss Guided, which is a lousy title, but should be a good show.  8 days for a half-hour program is quite a long-time, but it’s a pilot which means that a) they don’t have all the kinks worked out yet, b) they don’t have a set, so they filmed everything on location at 2 different schools, which caused all sorts of problems, c) they want everything to be perfect so the thing will get picked up, and d) Brooke Burns is a total bitch.

Kidding.  She’s a dear.  And looks even better in person.  But I did wonder how she continued to weigh only 50 pounds when every time I saw her she had a Coke (not diet) in her hand or was eating a Snickers bar.

It was a very pro-Flaming Lips crew.  Those in charge were very adament about having different types of kids running around, so I was assigned the part of a stoner.  For two days on set I wore a hideous Flaming Lips shirt I bought four years ago at a show with Modest Mouse and Cake (underneath a green flannel that the wardrobe department made me wear; apparently stoners are stuck in 1993).  I’ve never seen a Flaming Lips shirt on someone outside a Flaming Lips concert, but on the first day I wore mine, one of the grips wore the same exact shirt (also bought 4 years ago).  The second time I put it  on (we were matching shots from the first day), a different crew member wore a different Lips shirt from the same tour.  To top it off, Judy Greer told me, “I like your shirt,” though I think she didn’t actually look close enough to see what band it was for, and simply has bad taste.

Ashton Kutcher is co-producing the show, and was on set most days, displaying his large collection of corduroy blazers and trucker’s hats and generally being a nice guy.  Background actors and crew members are around stars all the time, so must of us don’t get starstruck.  We managed not to get tongue-tied or awkward around A.K., as we called him (note: we didn’t actually call him this), but this changed when his wife showed up.  You may know her as Demi Moore.  I didn’t get a chance to see her, but the way everyone on set was talking, it’s apparently a very exciting experience, like meeting the messiah or a drunken jackass who’s not wearing any pants.  If she weren’t wearing any pants, then I might be interested.  But even then, it’s not like we’re talking about Sabrina Lloyd here.


One Response to “Miss Guided”

  1. YLlama Says:

    The most interesting thing about Demi Moore is that she is exactly one half the mass of former James Bond player Roger Moore.

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