Ooh that smell.

1) Around 1 AM last night, a few blocks worth of Beverly Blvd. smelt like burnt pancakes.  I don’t know what caused it, or how it spread so wide.  The investigation is ongoing.

2) Though the odor has dispersed, for two days my bathroom smelled very strongly of fish.  I believe this may be related to the fact that my kitchen sink is spitting up water, though I’m not sure how.  It left as mysteriously as it came.

3) Presently, I smell like hair gel, because my head was shellacked with what I’m pretty sure was a glue stick for my background appearance on The O.C.  Yuko, the Japanese hairstylist who took care of me, went to a great deal of trouble to make me look like an astronaut’s son circa 1965.  After the glue stick proved not entirely effective at taming my hair, she said “you need something special” and pulled out a small can of something with the consistency of recently melted wax.  It worked, but she started getting upset because I used it all up.

I’ve showered to get the stuff out — and to stave off other odors — but the glue and wax is stubborn.  I washed, I rinsed, I repeated, but to little avail.  I still have a sticky head, and that’s one of the adjectives I least want preceding “head.” 


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