Search engine terms

One of my favorite parts of having this blog is checking every day to see what search engine terms led people here. Except for the handful who came here looking to learn about “poptimism” (and who were quickly referred to a different site), I doubt if I’ve provided a single person with the information they were searching for.

A number of people in the past few days have come here looking for some combination of the words “hump,” “sex” and “dog.” Probably they wanted something a bit more exciting than my little story, but I hope they enjoyed it anyway.

Quite a few came here by searching for “Roger Taylor.” I’m flattered that Google’s algorithm has seen fit to rank me ahead of all but two dozen pages concerning the two rock drummers of the same name (one from Queen, the other from Duran Duran; it’s quite the drummerly name), and I apologize to all those who are starting to realize that I’m not nearly British enough to be the Roger Taylor they were looking for.

The term that has led the most people to this blog is “hotsun,” which is odd, because it isn’t a word. I can only assume it was searched for by readers who’d been here before and were trying to find their way back, or by people interested in the Chinese plastic/sack maker Wenzhou Hotsun. If you are interested in Chinese plastic and sack making, I’m sorry to inform you that this blog currently has very little to do with either plastic or sacks.

My favorite so far? Two people on the same day ended up reading this blog after searching for “stupidest guy ever.” That makes me prouder than it probably should.


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