I love nerds

The computer industry is fascinating to me, in great part because it was founded by hobbyists, and shaped by the personalities of a handful of moderately disturbed nerdy kids. Maybe all industries form that way; I don’t know. But this one is well documented.

A few days ago, I checked out Robert X. Cringely’s highly enjoyable book on the subject, Accidental Empires, from the library. I remembered how much I love nerds when I got to page 18, and noticed that whoever had read the book last had picked their nose and wiped what came out in the crease. (In the interest of precision, as much snot was on page 19 as 18). I say “whoever read the book last,” only because it looks reasonably fresh, but who can tell? The library’s copy is from 1992, so it’s possible that those are 14 year old nerd boogers, preserved by the temperature-controlled climate of the book stacks.

I’d like to share with you Cringely’s (what a great name) description of nerds:

“Nerds are expressive and precise in the extreme but only when they feel like it. They look the way they do as a deliberate statement about personal priorities, not because they’re lazy. Their mode of communication is so precise that they can seem almost unable to communicate. Call a nerd Mike when he calls himself Michael and he likely won’t answer, since you couldn’t possibly be talking to him.”

Am I wrong in thinking the world might be a good and happy place if only we would all aspire to such behavior?


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