wanna touch my mixtape?

Among my favorite film scores are those for Gattaca (Michael Nyman), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Tan Dun), Star Wars (John Williams, obviously, for the Tatooine sunset scene alone) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Jon Brion). Incidentally, these are all also films that I particularly like, which makes sense, since I suppose I don’t take much notice of a score without multiple viewings.

These are all reasonably traditional film scores. Most movies today, however, use pop music, which is usually not composed specifically for the film. Who picks what songs go where? Depends. Often the director chooses, sometimes the producers. Sometimes music types like Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo) and Kevin Shields (of My Bloody Valentine) are brought in to help. They’ve worked with Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola respectively, to marvelous effect, though exactly how responsible they are for the final results isn’t exactly clear, because there’s no standard credit for this sort of thing.

(Interesting footnote: Simon and Garfunkel were originally set to do a complete score for The Graduate. While they were working on it, older songs of theirs like “The Sound of Silence” were inserted temporarily into the rough cut. But director Mike Nichols liked the mood they gave so much, he kept them all in, and rejected all the new songs except “Mrs. Robinson.”)

Anyway, my point with all this is that I feel I’d be pretty damn good at picking songs for film soundtracks. (I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on my mix tapes). But since these things tend to be given to, you know, film directors and music composers, I’m pretty much out of luck. Unless I learn how to compose music. There’s always an in.


4 Responses to “wanna touch my mixtape?”

  1. YLlama Says:

    I can inform your readers how many compliments you’ve received on your mix tapes. The number is four.

    Also, Mothersbaugh is a composer, in addition to a rock star.

    Also, your use of the word “since” leaves much to be desired.

  2. Roger Taylor Says:

    Is it possible that they broke your brain so thoroughly at law school that you’ve lost all sense of how people interact with language in the real world?

    1. During the period subsequent to the time when: He hasn’t been home since he graduated.
    2. Continuously from the time when: They have been friends ever since they were in grade school.
    3. Inasmuch as; because: Since you’re not interested, I won’t tell you about it.

  3. garyM Says:

    with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

  4. Roger Taylor Says:

    Read more, they got longer.

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